Chaplain Carol

Rev. Carol Squglio, Chaplain


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Your wedding day, as present day as it may seem, is based on a one thousand year old ritual that uses a format which is predictable, visually UN-engaging and all but in-audible to mostly everyone.  I would like to give you the differences between my ceremony and that of any other.

First--the premise of standing with your backs to your guests must be changed.  Nothing disengages the people as much as having something important happening but not being able to see or hear it.  Yet ceremonies are almost always presented in this way.  It removes the interest of the guests and severely restricts your photographer or videographer.

Second--this alters your relationship to the person performing your ceremony.  The old fashion way, the bride and groom basically ask the minister for their permission to marry.  It is the minister who stands facing everyone and is the focal point of the ceremony.  At this point the bride and groom take a passive roll and submit to their minister's requirements and gaining his permission to marry.

I truly believe that your family, friends and guests should be a part of your ceremony---or at least be able to see something other than your backs.

My ceremony is definitely different than the above.  That is why I would like to suggest to you that you face forward or each other.

Now you become the focal point of the ceremony, not the person performing it.  Now your guests are treated to the unique opportunity to see you and your bridal party displayed before them.  They will be able to see you laugh, cry, and place the rings on each other's fingers.  Photographers and videographers will have unbinding access to the bridal party and rewarding you, the couple, a photo album or video of the beautiful imagery that they had full access too.

More importantly, you are now taken out of the passive rolls of the old format.  Being able to use the photogenic options such as the Sand Ceremony, Wine Sharing or the Unity Candle Ceremony, it is the couple who will dramatically join their lives before the onlooking audience.  I now give your guests the opportunity to see that the love you have for each other, has married you.

Finally, I would like to develop a connection from the audience to the bride and groom.  I encourage participation of readers who can come from the audience or the bridal party.  The bride and groom can connect to the guests again, by the giving of roses to VIP's seated in the front row.  Another addition that is fun and out of the ordinary--At the conclusion of the ceremony is to ask the guests to line the center aisle side by side, facing inward.  As the couple walks down the aisle the guests can shower the bride and groom with bubbles or rose petals or they can even release balloons.  They can even applaud if the prior is not compatible with your venue.  This is not only fun but very photogenic.


Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. 

Chaplain Carol