Chaplain Carol

Rev. Carol Squglio, Chaplain

How do I get my marriage license? 

You must apply and purchase a marriage license.  Both the Bride and Groom need to be present.

To apply for a marriage license, contact your County Clerk of the Superior Court office:


What do I do with my license once I get it?

Put it in a safe place.  I'll take care of it when we meet. Bride and Groom, along with the Maid of Honor and Best Man will all be signing the license.   After the wedding, I will file it with the court system.

Are you legally allowed to perform wedding ceremonies?

As a Minister and Chaplain, I am legally able to perform ceremonies in all states. 

Do we need witnesses? 

Yes, you will need two.  They must be at least 18 years old.

Do we have to do any premarital counseling?

No, I do not require any premarital counseling.  However, I do offer counseling. 

We don't live in your local area, how does this work? 

E-mail and phone calls!  We will be good friends before your wedding!  No matter how many calls or e-mails are needed, we will get it done!

Where do you perform ceremonies?

Just about anywhere.  Lets talk! (well, I do fall off horses.....)

Can you marry us in a church?

Most traditional churches only rent their churches to members and they perform the ceremonies. 

What type of wedding ceremonies do you perform?

Civil . . Religious . . Romantic . . Spiritual . . Interfaith . . Renewal of Vows . . Commitment . . Second Wedding . . Wedding With Children . . Senior Couples . . Divorced Couples . .   Themes . .    All ceremonies are fine-tuned to the couple!

Do you perform religious ceremonies?

Your ceremony can be as religious as you want it to be. You have the final ok in anything that is said during your ceremony.  So whether it is a simple prayer, short reading or full sermon is completely up to you.   You and I will go over the elements in your wedding.  Elements include what prayers are to be said, shall I read them, or do you have a family member or close friend who would like to read?  There are so many different ways to include all whom you love!

I don't want a religious ceremony, is that ok?

Absolutely! As a Chaplain, I am here to serve all needs.  Some couples are of mixed faiths and choose to have a spiritual ceremony instead of a religious one. Some combine elements from both faiths.  This is your day, with your personal needs.  We will include only what you want in your ceremony.  I have a lovely Civil Ceremony that will touch your hearts.

Is there any type of Ceremony you will not do?


 It comes down to my statement of Faith.  As a Christian I try not to turn down any weddings. 

Will you do "Themed" weddings? 

Sure will! 


Can we write our own vows?


Please do!  I have many examples you can use.  We can fine tune them for your special day.  I'll be very happy to assist you!