Chaplain Carol

Rev. Carol Squglio, Chaplain

Life consists of many different events, taking us from birth to death.

As a Chaplain I am here to assist you through the events of life.

Christenings, Baby Dedications, House Blessings, Memorial Services, and Funerals. 

 Please contact me if I can fulfill your needs.

Chaplain Carol

Pets, are our "other" family member(s).

The loss of a pet can be as painful as the loss of any other family member. Funeral services for our departed pets are a wonderful testament of the love and companionship they have given us through the years. These services are handled with the love and kindness these important family members deserve.



Why the High Cost of Funerals?

  We are very grateful for this highly specialized service, but at times we may feel taken advantaged of during our time of need.  To be honest, funerals are a business-plain and simple.  Part of my service to you and your family is to be there as a "third party" as you make these final decisions.  As we plan your loved one’s service we will also work to understand what your loved one's wishes were, also to stay within a reasonable price range, whether pre-arranged or absorbed by family.  I have been there, and know of the stress's of the moment.  Once again, if I can be of help in this trying time, please call.

Contacting Chaplain Carol:

Below is my cell phone number and a contact sheet on the next page.  The contact sheet will be e-mailed right to me.  Either way I will return your request as soon as possible.