Chaplain Carol

Rev. Carol Squglio, Chaplain

Typical Ceremony Outline for a Formal Wedding:


  1.    Ushers seat guests

         (Prelude music playing)

  2.      Special music begins

  3.      Parents and Grandparents of the

           Bride and Groom are seated

  4.     The Minister and Groom enter

           and proceed to the front

  5.     Maid of Honor and Best Man

          enter and take their places

  6.     Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

           enter and proceed to the front

  7.     The Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl enter,

           proceed to front, sit down

  8.     Music concludes for bridal party

  9.     Ushers unroll the aisle runner 

10.     The Minister asks the audience to rise

           and welcome the Bride

11.      Music begins for the Bride’s entrance 

           (Processional music)

12.      The Bride and her escort enter,

            and are met by the Groom

13.      Bride’s music concludes.

14.      Greeting

15.      Bride and Groom present flowers

            to parents and/or VIPs*

16.      Consent / Declarations of Intent

            by Bride and Groom

17.      Reading (spiritual or romantic literature)*

18.     Musical interlude*

19.     Charge to couple

20.     Exchange of wedding vows

           (traditional or customized)

21.     Exchange of wedding rings

           (traditional or customized)

22.     Blessing for the Bride and Groom*

23.     Bride and Groom light Unity Candle

           (music in background)*

24.     Pronouncement

25.     Bride and Groom kiss

26.     Introduction of the couple

           by the Minister (Presentation)

27.     Recessional music begins

28.     Bride and Groom exit

29.     Bridal party exits and forms

           reception line.

30.    Minister provides instructions

          to those that remain

          * Optional